Benefits of Pilates

As a new September term approaches, it’s worth considering all the great things Pilates can do for you.

The obvious ones include:

  • Pilates builds strength and muscle tone
  • increases flexibility
  • improves coordination and concentration
  • facilitates better circulation and breathing patterns
  • improves posture
  • promotes relaxation

Because the exercises are repetitive and they concentrate on particular muscle groups, they really allow for rapid improvement. If you apply Joseph Pilates’ six main principles – centering, concentration, control, precision, flow and breath – you will definitely see results within your first 8-week course.

I have observed some unexpected – yet equally beneficial – results through the past five years teaching in Dublin. These are much more subjective and a testament to the wonderful clients who attend D4 Pilates classes. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Pilates offers a serious workout for people who dislike large, anonymous gym workouts. The sessions also provide a social outlet. I’m thrilled when so many class members get together outside of Pilates for coffee, dinner – even weekends away! Some mothers and daughters and friends use it as a way to spend time together while exercising – great bonding! Other clients use it as a way to rehabilitate themselves physically and mentally after difficult or stressful periods in their lives.

I’m honoured by the number of you who have shared your ups and downs with me – weddings, funerals, births, illnesses – You’ve stuck with Pilates and used the classes as a way to stay focused on yourselves and do something positive in the midst of busy, busy lives.

Finally, I have a special place for attendees in the Pilates+Ballet classes because I feel passionately that ballet is the ideal form of exercise to go hand-in-hand with Pilates. These classes have allowed me the chance to dust off my ballet vocabulary and put it to use with Pilates principles – and in the meantime feel the thrill of moving across the room while encouraging the rest of you to join me. I hope those classes continue to grow.

As I usually say at the start of a new term, think about what you would like Pilates to do for you, and concentrate on that during your workouts and through your day. If it’s leaner arms you want, or a thinner waistline, visualise it, share that with me if you like, then work towards your fitness goals. Another benefit of Pilates is appreciating how far you’ve come before setting your sights on where you want to go next!

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