Outdoor Pilates – who’s in?

First of all, welcome to my re-designed web site! If you are reading this, my plan has worked! I wanted a way of communicating more regularly with all of you about classes, events and just general info. So here we are. I will share Pilates news, exercises and general goings-on. Sometimes the postings may not even be Pilates related but they will be about something important to me. I hope you’ll become a regular visitor!

My latest brainstorm involves doing outdoor Pilates, having just returned from a fantastic weekend in Wexford (my first visit to that lovely county) where some clients/friends and I did Pilates on an outdoor deck at the foot of the Blackstairs mountains. The wind occasionally whipped our mats out of place, but the idyllic setting made those roll-ups and hundreds so much easier to get through! When the weather co-operates, sunshine and fresh air can be a great addition to a Pilates workout. (Even worth a try in your own back garden!)

Two weeks ago while on holiday in Galicia, Spain, I came across another group of outdoor exercisers. Nearly 50 people gathered at the beach that morning in a yoga-tai-chi fusion, and passers-by joined in. What fun! I was already committed to making sand castles, but stay tuned; I’ll research high and low tides for Sandymount beach and let you know if I host a free outdoor Pilates class there before the summer’s through!

Meanwhile, here’s one Pilates idea for the week: Before you go to bed at night, do 10 Pilates breaths (inhale, let your stomach gently fill with air, exhale, press the air out and think stomach-to-spine) and see if you sleep better! You might even strengthen your core in your sleep!

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