Download our Pocket Pilates App

The Pocket Pilates iPhone app is the perfect companion for experienced Pilates fans.  The text and audio exercises can be done anywhere and will keep you topped up in between classes and help you make Pilates part of your daily routine.

Whether you are at home, at your desk, on holiday or en route you can grab a few minutes and include Pilates in your day.

Stuck on a train? A few minutes to spare at your desk? Lounging on a sunny beach? Or in a quiet house after the kids have gone to school? Then let D4 Pilates founder Christie Seaver lead you through exercises for all levels, tailor-made for your surroundings.

This exciting new iPhone is available at the Apple App Store, providing you with short exercises, audio sequences, D4 Pilates podcasts and all the latest Pilates news from the D4 Pilates blog, right at your fingertips.

Pocket Pilates App is available here at the iTunes App Store. Or click onto for screen-shots and all the latest news.

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