Why choose D4 Pilates?

It’s about you.
At D4 Pilates you’re a person, not a membership number. We guarantee personalised focused attention, whether you’re an expectant mother in our pre-natal class, preparing for a marathon in our Bootcamp class, or gaining grace and flexibility in our Ballet-lates™ class. Reformer sessions are limited to two clients, just as Joseph Pilates intended, unlike gym-like set-ups. Clients attending mat classes will be carefully matched to their ability and have their progress constantly monitored.

Our teaching.
We’re not interested in fads. D4 Pilates teaching is based on the classical fundamentals of Joseph Pilates. Owner Christie Seaver has an impeccable Pilates lineage directly from Joseph Pilates. Some classes, like Ballet-lates™ and Pilates with Props, introduce other elements, but retain the proven physiological basis of classical Pilates.

Our reputation.
Our loyal clients, some who have been with us since we first opened our doors over seven years ago, are perhaps the best proof of our reputation. But we are also respected within the professional community and receive referrals from physiotherapists throughout Dublin who trust us to supplement their treatments with carefully monitored classes and individual sessions.

We value performance.
We know all about performance, whether on the sporting field or on the stage, and we will ensure that you maximise your potential in a safe, but challenging, environment. Christie was a professional ballet dancer in the United States and ex-Riverdancer Paula continues to combine performance with Pilates. We have helped marathon runners, international athletes, dancers and orchestral musicians achieve their goals.

Our reach is wide.
Although we have been established in the Sandymount community since 2007, our teaching reaches a worldwide audience. To date the D4 Pilates podcast is listened to in 104 countries worldwide and our Pocket Pilates App has been downloaded in countries from Peru to the UAE.

We have fun!
Although we take Pilates very seriously, we make sure that the atmosphere is always light-hearted and enjoyable.

We listen.
Do you suffer from back pain, want more strength and flexibility, or are curious about how Pilates can improve posture? Just call, text or email us and we’d be happy to talk about your goals.


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