Welcome to D4 Pilates!

We are happy to offer private Reformer sessions from our studio at Railway Union Sports Club.

Virtual Pilates Mat Class Membership

This online Saturday morning class will help you fine-tune your Pilates practice with bespoke instruction. It builds from week to week, focusing on a new theme as we progress. Receive personalised instruction in this group setting.

Please note, on the first Saturday each month you have the option to attend either in person or via Zoom.

This class has a month-to-month recurring membership fee of €70 per month.

Reformer bookings are open!

We remain as committed as ever to your optimum health and well-being, bringing to you our private and group mat classes that focus on your fitness goals while having fun.


D4Pilates/Ballet-lates® trial offer

3 private sessions (1 month expiry)

Total: €300

Video Poster

“If you’re planning on doing a little exercise in 2017, Pilates just may be the place to start. Christie Seaver’s Reformer Pilates is the best we have come across in Ireland. A true master of her craft, she guides beginners and advanced practitioners alike through a workout that is challenging but thoroughly enjoyable. We’re also fans of her mat classes and Ballet-lates. This woman knows what women want and makes exercise not only bearable, but thoroughly enjoyable.”

Why Choose D4 Pilates?

It’s about you. At D4 Pilates you’re a person, not a membership number. We guarantee personalised focused attention, whether you’re preparing for a marathon in our Open Level class or gaining grace and flexibility in our Ballet-lates™ class. Reformer sessions are limited to two clients, just as Joseph Pilates intended, unlike gym-like set-ups. Clients attending mat classes will be carefully matched to their ability and have their progress constantly monitored.
Our teaching

Our teaching

We’re not interested in fads. D4 Pilates teaching is based on the classical fundamentals of Joseph Pilates. Owner Christie Seaver has an impeccable Pilates lineage directly from Joseph Pilates. His protogé was Romana Kryzanowska. Her son taught Christie ballet and her pupil taught Christie Pilates.
Our reputation

Our reputation

Our loyal clients, some who have been with us since we first opened our doors in 2007, are perhaps the best proof of our reputation. But we are also respected within the professional community and receive referrals from physiotherapists throughout Dublin who trust us to supplement their treatments with carefully monitored classes and individual sessions.
We value performance

We value performance

We know all about performance, whether on the sporting field or on the stage, and we will ensure that you maximise your potential in a safe, but challenging, environment. Christie was a professional ballet dancer in the United States, and has helped marathon runners, international athletes, dancers and orchestral musicians achieve their goals.
Our reach is wide

Our reach is wide

Although we have been established in the Sandymount community since 2007, our teaching reaches a worldwide audience. To date the D4 Pilates podcast is listened to in 104 countries worldwide and we have clients who log into our online classes from Australia and the USA.
We have fun!

We have fun!

Although we take Pilates very seriously, we make sure that the atmosphere is always light-hearted and enjoyable.
We listen

We listen

Do you suffer from back pain, want more strength and flexibility, or are curious about how Pilates can improve posture? Just call, text or email us and we’d be happy to talk about your goals.
  • The combination is a match made in heaven.

    Michele Keogan,

    In order to become fit, toned, dance and leave a class with a smile on your face – you need to attend the Ballet-Lates class. The combination is a match made in heaven – stretching, toning, strengthening, aerobic and all to music.  Sandymount is so lucky to have such an innovative teacher with a background in classical ballet and Pilates and we, her students, are reaping the rewards.

  • I feel transformed, and I am so much fitter and more flexible than I was a year ago.

    Sanjay Balakrishnan,

    Christie has the amazing ability to sense what each participant needs, and incorporate that into the program. I feel transformed, and I am so much fitter and more flexible than I was a year ago. Thank you, Christie!

  • Incredible results

    Emer Fahey,
    I have seen more impressive results from the Reformer within a couple of months despite having done other types of exercise and mat work over the years. My core strength has improved considerably.  When I am doing exercise with all the Reformer equipment, I find I am more aware of my body and the specific areas being worked. I also find my instructors (Christie and Shirley) extremely knowledgeable and challenging, with the ability to keep each workout fresh while always considering each person’s ability. It has also made a huge difference to my back.  Prior to this I needed to go to physiotherapy weekly!

The D4 Pilates / Ballet-lates® Summertime Challenge!

This Challenge is a treasure trove of 28 short, concentrated videos to do on-demand whenever you are, anytime. Each video is between 6 and 8 minutes long, ideal for a quick Pilates blast!

In a hotel room after a long plane ride? Do a cat stretch! Lounging in front of the TV while dinner is cooking? Practice your roll ups!

These videos condense what I already teach in my weekly Pilates and Ballet-lates classes into bite-sized routines that keep you progressing from one Pilates-based exercise. They go for 28 days in succession. After those 28 days, you’ll have lifetime access to them all.

I’ll see you on the mat!