Choosing a workout that works for you – D4 Pilates

At the beginning of any new term I always review the basis for that level, so there’s no need to feel intimidated if you’re coming back to Pilates after a break. The levels may vary slightly, depending on the number of people in the class and their experience. Most classes are between 10 and 15 clients,  maximum. Here are some guideline to help:

Private Mat and Reformer Sessions
I offer one-to-one sessions on the mat or Reformer to help clients meet specific fitness goals. Some clients choose to supplement group classes with private sessions to concentrate on a particular concern or to try and reach a goal more quickly.

Pilates+Ballet fusion
A Pilates core warm-up followed by basic ballet movements, promoting the lean, supple physique of a ballet dancer. No experience required. Unleash your inner ballerina!

Bootcamp Pilates
Designed to give you an action-packed workout in a condensed amount of time. Each 50-minute session combines Pilates mat exercises with standing cardio work. We’ll do the exercises in rapid succession with little starting and stopping to get the heart rate up while having fun.

Open Level Pilates
The Open Level classes are geared towards clients with a moderate fitness level who would like to build their strength consistently over time. We master the basics then add to them, often using props. In any given class there may be two or three variations of the same exercise so that clients may modify according to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Pre-and Post-Natal Pilates
These classes run periodically, depending on studio availability and demand. Pre-natal classes help maintain core strength through various stages of pregnancy. Post-natal classes are suitable for women 6 to 8 weeks post-partum who have received their doctor’s permission to resume exercising. This is a gentle way to build back core strength.

Beginners Pilates
No prior Pilates experience. We start with the basics, like how to relax on the mat, then move on from there.

Level One Pilates
For people with some previous Pilates experience who may just need a little nudge to remember some exercises. Also suitable for women rebounding from pregnancy.

Level 2/3 Pilates
A more swiftly moving class for people who have done Pilates before. We begin to incorporate more challenging variations and more repetitions.

Intermediate / Advanced Pilates
A class for those quite familiar with Pilates. Suitable for anyone who has built back strength after recovering from injury.

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