How to curb those sugar cravings

Ok, so the Pilates classes are going well, resulting in slimmer waistlines, tighter abs, stronger arms and overall better health.

But how can we balance the good workout habits we’ve developed against the seasonal temptations that will soon emerge?

Cadbury’s miniatures, anyone?

Yes, Halloween awaits on our doorstep with Christmas not far away, bringing along plenty of potential for undermining our healthy intentions. I’m not one for deprivation, and would tend to say eat that ONE bite-sized Carmello, then get on with things without feeling guilty.

But I have found a couple of small tips that help during this time of year:

1. Snack on almonds. They are healthy and relatively inexpensive, full of protein, which is often what the body needs when it craves sugar. Just try grabbing a handful (but not much more than that, because the calories do add up!) and see how it satiates the snacking urge. Keeping a stash in your bag or purse proves handy because you can reach for them before even pondering the other options out there.

2. Try dried apricots to satisfy sugar cravings. Their benefits include a dose of fibre, which helps fight the sluggish feeling that can descend this time of year. They are also full of Vitamin A, which helps our eyesight.

3. Substitute one caffeine drink each day with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon. Adding that boost of  natural Vitamin C to your day proves cleansing, first and foremost, but it also boosts your immune system, and the warm water aids in digestion.

The overall effect of any of these is that they fill us up, making the selection boxes and mince pies less enticing. And they’ll give you more energy for your next Pilates class. See you there!


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