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Well, as those of you who were in class today know, I have started to think about Christmas, and ease us all into the idea that December is going to be a busier month than usual. Hats off to all of you who have had such wonderful class attendance this term – I had to give up my mat again because so many of you showed up this morning! Well done to the Thursday 9.45am class – now you can enjoy more of those mince pies and mulled wine

On a Christmas gift-giving note, my marketing manager (thank you, Michael) has designed some lovely D4Pilates gift vouchers for anyone who would like to give them as a present – or be given one yourself! They can be for a single class, a series of classes or for private sessions. Talk to me to arrange one.

To stay focused and relaxed amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle, keep coming to Pilates!  And remember that if you miss your particular day/time, you are welcome to make up another time during the week.   We will break at Exhale in Sandymount on Dec. 17  then resume again Tuesday Jan. 10. In Killester our last class is Dec. 12 and we resume Jan. 16.

For continuing your Pilates practice during the Christmas break, here are a few ideas:

Use those CDs and therabands that some of you have from past Christmases! If you don’t have a CD and would like one, let me know. They are 5 euros each. One is a beginners workout, the other is intermediate/advanced.

Remember to engage your core when you are walking, shopping, sitting on a bus, or anytime you feel a bit tense! Core breathing will help you relax and keep your back strong.

When you find yourself really tired at night, lie down somewhere and do a few imprints. They are great for letting you know where tension is hiding so you can release it away and enjoy this time of year!

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