Paula Goulding – D4 Pilates

Paula Goulding spent seven years touring the world with Riverdance, starting out as a troupe member, then going on to become a dance captain of the Broadway production as well as lead understudy. She has traveled throughout Europe, Asia and North America, including an 18-month run on Broadway.

She has directed, co-produced and choreographed ‘Dancing through the Ages – the Show,’ as well as ‘Take the Floor,’ an Irish dance extravaganza that brings together young performers from around the world to learn, rehearse and perform a full-scale production in 10 days – (think ‘X Factor-meets-‘Riverdance’!)

Paula’s amazing performing background has given her an has an expert eye for teaching Pilates technique, and her stamina makes her a tough, but fun, Bootcamp Pilates instructor. Paula is committed to providing individually-tailored Pilates instruction at D4 Pilates, and when she is not teaching Pilates or choreographing, she runs her own image, style and colour consultancy.

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