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When I tried my first Pilates class in 2001, I got hooked.  (Thank you, Paola Georgudis in Houston.) I still remember Paola’s ‘side leg’ series, and how my muscles ached the next day as if doing ballet class and then going running for a mile. It combined familiar ways of moving with exercises I never dreamed of. Pretty soon Pilates became the best way to maintain flexibility while targeting weaker muscles, like arms. All this without sweating or waiting in line for the treadmill at the gym. Bonus.

Working out on the Pilates Reformer became my next goal, and after a few hour-long sessions on the apparatus I began booking my lessons in blocks of ten. It was a lucky week when I had two sessions, but mostly the Reformer combined with walking, running, Pilates mat classes and yoga or ballet kept me in shape. Quickly my arms felt more toned and clothes hung more loosely at the waist because of a stronger core.  Sleep became deeper. Sugar cravings tapered off. At this point Pilates became essential, not optional.

Pilates has been part of my daily routine ever since, and after completing my teacher training and later moving to Dublin, I am now happy to be teaching it every day.

Some time ago I vowed to invest in a Pilates Reformer as a way to help clients progress in the same way I did.  As of December 12, my Reformer resides in the Sandymount studio.

Right now Reformer sessions are one-to-one as clients learn the basics. Maybe a second Reformer is not too far away…



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