Which Mat Class? – D4 Pilates

D4 Pilates offer a range of group mat classes for all levels. If you are unsure of what level class you should join, simply contact us and we’ll gladly discuss your fitness goals.


A Pilates core warm-up followed by basic ballet movements, promoting the lean, supple physique of a ballet dancer. No experience required. Unleash your inner ballerina – or ballerino!

Tuesdays at 9.45am, Exhale Studio, Sandymount
Saturdays at 9.45am – 11am, Exhale Studio, Sandymount – NEW EXTENDED TIME

After Work Pilates Blast
Dash away from your desk and melt away the day’s stress with this intense workout that leaves no muscle unused! Appropriate for mixed levels.

Thursdays, 6.15pm
, Exhale Studio


Open-level Stretch and Strengthen Pilates
Designed to give you an action-packed strengthening workout with plenty of stretches mixed in.

Thursdays at 7.30pm, Exhale Studio


Open Level Pilates
The Open Level classes are geared towards clients with a moderate fitness level who would like to build their strength consistently over time. We master the basics then add to them, often using props. In any given class there may be two or three variations of the same exercise so that clients may modify according to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Mondays at 8pm, St. Brigid’s Parish Centre, Killester
Saturdays at 11am, Exhale Studio



Pilates with Props
Each term will introduce at least one new prop while continuing to build on what we know. Props will include weighted balls, soft balls, bands, and straps.

Mondays at 7pm, St. Brigid’s Parish Centre, Killester 
Thursdays at 9.45am, Exhale Studio, Sandymount


Mixed Beginners Pilates
No prior Pilates experience. We start with the basics, like how to relax on the mat, then move on from there.

Saturdays at noon, Exhale Studio, Sandymount 



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