How are you doing with those 2012 resolutions?

Last week’s inaugural week was a success – thanks, everyone! I’m thrilled so many of you are making Pilates a part of your 2012 fitness routine.

I was especially happy to have a packed Pilates + Ballet fusion class on Saturday! And I promise to do my best to accommodate those of you on the waiting list.

Here’s a little secret for those of you taking that class (or anyone else considering joining in):  Dancing makes you smarter! And you didn’t just hear it from me.  Years ago a New England Journal of Medicine study found that dancing actually outranks doing crossword puzzles and reading in terms of keeping the brain working. In a nutshell, that is because the brain gets its best workout when it has to make split-second decisions – like when you’re learning new steps and putting them to music in Pilates + Ballet class.

In this link, Stanford professor Richard Powers sums up the Dancing Makes You Smarter theory in easy-to-understand lingo. Enjoy and see you in class!

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