Some September inspiration

This client came to me nearly a year ago to help reduce muscle tension, lower stress levels, strengthen her core and boost energy levels. With a demanding career as well as a young family, she was constantly on the go and her muscles were beginning to feel it. After only 9 months she achieved all of her goals, and more! Look at the difference in her waistline after 9 months – an incredible result from regular Pilates sessions 3 times a week. This can happen for you. Committing to Pilates classes can make such a difference in surprising ways. For some clients, Pilates offers a mental break from the bustle of daily life. For others it offers relief from constant pain or a reprieve from regular physio sessions. D4 Pilates takes a personal approach to help each client achieve their goals. Come see for yourself and sign up for one of our group mat or private Reformer sessions.



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