What is Pilates+Ballet class, anyway? – D4 Pilates

I love being asked this question, because usually people just want reassurance they won’t be asked to do pirouettes and the splits! We don’t do anything too scary – but we do work hard. One of the most satisfying comments I get is, “Wow, I never knew this would be such a workout,” since many people remember ballet as floating around the house as a little girl!

This class introduces some real ballet steps, but mostly the Pilates+Ballet fusion class focuses on using the core muscles while stretching, standing and doing some basic moving around. Both disciplines concentrate on strength-building without over-developing muscles, and the results from combining them should include improving posture, coordination and concentration.

Of course, if you’re looking for a place to wear those ballet slippers long since tucked away in a drawer, here’s your chance! No special shoes are required, though I am quite impressed that nearly everyone in the inaugural class (thank you Joan, Patricia, Mary, Maeve, Maria, Deirdre and Julia) bought a new pair of ballet shoes within the first few weeks of starting – they were that enthusiastic! Stay tuned for updates on what our self-proclaimed “White Swan” Pilates class does next. We already held an Open Day to spread the word of how much fun we have (and in the process raised €75 for Breast Cancer Ireland). Who knows, we may really buy those tutus….

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